The Skid Steer Manure Spreader is a custom attachment for a skid steer. It is compatible with all regular, full-size skid steers on the market. It’s designed to scoop manure, then transport it to a different location where it can then spread the manure evenly onto the ground in order to fertilize the land.

The ideal market for this is small farmers/ranchers with horses. Typically, the horse stalls are cleaned daily/weekly and the manure is put in piles. When the piles get large enough, they need to be spread onto the land to conserve space, but also to fertilize the land which is typically the horse pasture or other farmland. Currently, these horse owners typically use a manure spreader trailer. The trailer needs to be filled up with a tractor, skid steer, or by hand. It’s then designed to spread manure onto the land while being towed by a 4-wheeler or tractor or horses. The inventor believes that the current method is costly and cumbersome and that for horse owners that already own a skid steer, this product is an easy sell.

The Skid Steer Manure Spreader is currently selling at Tomahawk Attachments