Elite Product Design offers expert invention and product development services. If you need help in one or more of the areas below contact us today for a free consultation.

Patent & Market Research

A patent search is the key first step to determine if your new product idea is worth pursuing. Market research will provide you with valuable information to determine the size of the market, competition and uncover any unique features. This helps our product development team design solutions and features that are unique to your idea. Kind of like doing your homework before you take a big test! Learn more…

Industrial Design Services

Designing and developing your idea into a product is an important step towards seeing it realized in the market. Our experienced design teams can help you bring your creation to life using Concept & Ideation Sketches, 3D Concept Renders and 3D Animation. The difference between a good idea and a great product often comes down to how that idea is designed. A good design should take into account how the product will be used, how it will be made, and how it should feel or it’s aesthetic. Our teams will take the extra step to help you create a design that not only emphasizes the benefits of your idea but adds value as well. Learn more…


Many people contact us about new ideas they want to create but they don’t know how to make them. This is where our engineers come in. We have engineers that can perform research into your concept to help make sure your product concept is feasible and practical. This can help you avoid mistakes like pursuing product ideas and concepts that aren’t able to be manufactured the way you thought. Having an engineer review your design and concept is essential in the early stages of any idea. Contact us for a free consultation if you are interested in some help with engineering. Learn more…


We have everything needed to prototype most low to mid-tech products. In order to keep costs down, we leverage 3D printing and other rapid prototyping technologies in the early phases. With feedback from the customer and our test results we then refine the product and create higher-fidelity prototypes. The final stage of prototyping is creating a “pre-production prototype,” which has the exact look and feel of the final product and is made from production-level materials. Using Solidworks and other software solutions to create CAD Models, we can help you with 3-D Printing, Machining, Soft Goods, Demonstration Only, Test Units and Working Prototypes.


Our teams can manage the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. Most production runs start out as small batches to keep risk down. The goal of these initial batches is to get the product to the market and get market feedback. Finally, we ramp up to mass production and handle all of the importing and logistics of the product.

Marketing Materials

Marketing materials are used to advertise or market a product or company. Every product or company should have strong marketing materials to help attract buyers or customers. Our designers can help with websites, brochures, flyers, letterhead, business cards, sell sheets, and more. Contact us for a free consultation if you need marketing materials for your business or new product idea.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app ideas are changing the world as we know it. Through the use of software applications people are able to do everything from monitoring their pregnancy to seeing a friends face thousands of miles away to having a virtual work out buddy for motivation. Apps are a great new frontier for entrepreneurship and creativity, allowing more people than ever to go into business for themselves. If you have a great idea for a new mobile phone app contact us so we can help get you started.

Patent Referral Program

Elite Product Design provides a free complimentary patent referral service to our clients. After over 15 years in the business, we have made some valuable contacts with ethical and honest patent professionals that can help in the areas of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and more. If you need help in one of more of these areas contact us for a free consultation and if it is a good fit, we will connect you with one of our referral partners.

Marketing Referral Program

As a free complimentary service to our clients, we have developed long-standing relationships with marketing firms that can help you market your product. They can assist with Pay Per Click, SEO, Social Media Management, Amazon Consulting, Retail and Product Licensing services. We have used the volume of work that we refer to these firms to negotiate a discounted cost-effective rate for you for choosing our firm for your product development needs. Of course, you can always market your own product if you prefer as well. The decision is up to you.


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